Pretour to Berlin

On the last weekend of March three board members were in Berlin to arrange details for the Family Reunion 2019 and to inspect all details on the spot, to walk the ways etc… . Because of a good preparation and a few lucky coincidences, the organizational work was done quickly. So we could have nice get-togethers with several local Trimborn descendants of different generations.

The invitations are on the way.

That will expect us:

Berlin House of Representatives (former Prussian state parliament) – here Carl Trimborn (3) was a member of the Prussian state parliament – we will have a guided tour through the building on Friday.

Ristorante Piazza papà pane di sorrento – on Friday evening after the guided tour there will be the possibility of a dinner together.

The Zollpackhof near the main station of Berlin – place of the family reunion on Saturday.

The “Remise” in the Zollpackhof – our main room for the Meeting.

View from “our” terrace.

We and the other board members are looking forward to your coming!

Board meeting 23.03.2019

On 23.03.2019 the family board met in Engelskirchen. There were again many items on the agenda.

Here are some topics that were discussed during the Meeting:

– Family reunion 2019 in Berlin

– TriNa colour printing

– password-protected area

– Family grave on the Melaten cemetery in Cologne

Changes in the Executive Board of the Family Association

At present, the Board consists only of Pascale, Hildegard, Christoph, Thomas and Frank.

The previous deputy chairwoman / second chairwoman resigned from the board at her own request and subsequently her husband also ceased his activities for the family association. Unfortunately, her father also ended his work on the board. We would like to thank them all very much for their commitment to the Trimborn Family Association so far.

New elections are scheduled for the family reunion in Berlin.

The Board

Family Association Board Meeting November 2018

On November 17th, the family association met again for a regular meeting in Bonn.

The topics discussed have been:

  • Review of 2018 family reunion and planning of our 2019 family reunion in Berlin.
  • New edition of our Trimborn News
  • Finance Topics
  • Letter of Balduin Waldhausen
  • other topics

The highlight of the meeting was the handover of the gifts to the children who participated at the 2018 Trimborn Kids Drawing Contest. Each child, that sent-in pictures, got a handmade pencil case and a personlized mini-photo book of the last family reunion.


Pre-Tour to prepare the family reunion 2018

On Saturday April 7th 2018 members of the family board traveled to the mosel river in order to prepare our family reunion.

During the morning they visited the house that was owned by Max Trimborn in Treis. The current owners welcomed the team warmly. In the afternoon the team drive to the cloister Engelport. They discussed details about the family reunion and visited the buildings. Please find below nice photos of the trip.