The Trimborn Family Association


Cornelius Balduin Trimborn (1824-1889), lawyer at the Royal District Court in Cologne, member of the German Reichstag and the Prussian House of Representatives, and his wife Antoinette née Pauli (1827-1903) had 15 children.

After the death of Cornelius Balduin Trimborn, in 1896 his wife and 12 of his children brought the real estate of the couple into a limited liability company, the "Familiengesellschaft Erben Trimborn GmbH", primarily to facilitate the division, but also the administration of the real estate. Until the dissolution of this GmbH in 1973, general meetings of the partners had taken place once a year or more often, which had often been combined with general family meetings. This had strengthened the sense of family unity among the Trimborn descendants over several generations.

In order to maintain the cherished tradition of annual family reunions and to promote the cohesion of the numerous descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Trimborn/Pauli, the partners decided in 1973 that an association should be founded. At the beginning of 1974, in execution of this decision, the "Trimborn Family Association" was founded.

Today every descendant is a member of the family, but not automatically a member of the family association. To become a member of the family association and to receive the family newspaper TriNa, an annual membership fee is charged.


The Family News TriNa

The TriNa (Trimborn Nachrichten - Trimborn News) is the chronicle/magazine of the Trimborn Family Association which has been issued since 1974. All articles are written by family members. Due to the large amount of text and pictures the TriNa has become an important source of family history and of stories about family life today. Through the articles the TriNa produces family history by itself.

The most important objective of the TriNa is to pass on family history.

For members of the Trimborn Family Association, TriNa/TriNe is included in the membership fee. Since 2004, the newspaper has also existed with translations into English. In 2021, for the first time, the editorial team produced one English and one German edition.

The Association today

The Trimborn Family Association keeps the family together by organizing yearly reunions for the descendants of Cornelius Balduin Trimborn - today living all over the world mainly in Germany, Europe, Australia and America. The reunions take place at family relevant places. Family reunions have been held three times in the U.S.

As the large family is spread globally new media play an important role for communication:

1) a digitized genealogy of the Trimborns containing all descendants of Cornelius Balduin Trimborn.

2) a family history and news chronicle/magazine founded in 1974 and called „Trimborn-Nachrichten/Trimborn News-TriNa"

3) this web site

The genealogy lists names, date of birth and death, dates of marriages, names and professions of spouses etc. Each descendant has a family number referring to his family branch and generation. The family with its nowadays seven generations is constantly changing. Therefore it is very important to update the genealogy with new adresses etc. every ten years, because it functions not only as a research pool but also as a tool for communication. On this web site there is also an online form available to update the genealogy.

For this work (publication of the family chronicle TriNa / maintenance of important family grave sites / the yearly family reunion) the Trimborn Family Association asks for a yearly membership fee:
25 € for all members / for students 12 €.

You can pay by  PayPal (using all major credit cards). Just click on the „Donate“ Button on the "Contactan pay" Page.

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