TriNa / TriNe 2022

The TriNa / TriNe 2022 is ready and the files have been delivered to the printer. Printing and shipping will take place shortly.
As last year, there will be a German (TriNa) and an English (TriNe) edition.
We can be curious and say already now a thank you to the editorial staff for the extensive work.

New Board

At the general meeting on 10.09.2022 in Konz-Filzen a new board was elected:

1st chairman: Simon 6-3-1-2-1
2nd chairperson: Hildegard 9-15-2-5

further members:

Birgit 1-4-1-3
Thomas 1-4-5-4
Leona 6-3-1-4
Hermann 9-9-2-5
Frank 9-15-2-5 E (treasurer)

Christoph 4-4-3-3 is leaving. A big thank you for his cooperation so far.

Our web site is finally international

Right on time with the 2018 invite to the family reunion we have finally enabled the web site into dual language. The former site was already dual, but with the migration to WordPress there was only time to move the German content. Now finally and way too late we have also moved the content in English. Please excuse some bugs in the coming days/weeks until all is set.

This is only the first step of further digitalization of the Family Association. There will be a closed member area and more to come.