Trimborn Family Association

Information and News about the Family and the Family Association of Cornelius Balduin and Antoinette Trimborn

The Trimborn Family

Our Family is based on Cornelius Balduin Trimborn (1824-1898), Lawyer, member of the Preussen parliament and the Reichstag, his wife Maria Antionette Clementine Trimborn born Pauli (1827-1904) and their 15 children

The Trimborn Family Association

The Trimborn Family Association was founded 1972 in Colgne Germany by heirs of Cornelius Balduin Trimborn. Cornelius testated that his large heritage would not be devided by his children, but managed by them. The testament and later the family association led to an annual family reunion and a strong link between the members of the family.

Gerneral Tasks of the Family Association

The Trimborn Family Association links all descendants that are living across the globe. Every year a family reunion takes place at special places that are important to the family history.